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 So Glad You're Here!

Assalam u Alaikum, Hola, Namastè,Kalimera, Ciao, Nihao, Salut, Hi... 

    Welcome to my personal blog!I am Naima Bourhzal, a unique and special soul like you somewhere on the earth.

On 9 January 1989, God decided to put me in this magnificent place called planet Earth to share with you my resources such as knowledge, values, experiences, and so on. But I am here also to learn from you. 

This blog aims to share my knowledge and daily experiences to help and inspire you directly or indirectly to find your path by connecting to your soul.
We all need help and support to awake and connect with the Divine.

 In this infinite universe,  as humans, we have the tendency to be emotionally fragile, weak, lost and, constantly researching for guidance.

Unfortunately, this chaotic life in society pushes us to disconnect from the real reason we had brought here; it suppresses our natural needs by fulfilling them with material objects and distracts us with an illusional reality full of unhealthy information.

Let's bring back the light of peace inside our hearts, nourish our minds with pure and healthy information. Let's clean the garbage we are constantly exposed to every single day, hour, minute, and second. 
Let's make a difference on this earth, only with your help and by sharing yourself we can reach this mission.


Lots of love and peace.


Naima Bourhzal

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