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A Letter to a lost Soul...

Dear Viola,

First of all, I want to thank you for trusting me. I know exactly what you are talking about and I can also feel your pain because once I was there. But do not worry soon this struggle will take you to full happiness and peace; It is a process that each human being on the earth is going through and it is the only way to evolve and to become the better version of yourself.

Once you will understand the art of playing the note of your emotions, no one can stop you. You will vibrate a beautiful frequency of peace and love that will come from your heart.

Your eyes will be full of joy, your mouth will be an instrument to spread lovely seeds in people's hearts and your actions will inspire others ...

By helping and inspiring others you will receive a lot of positive energy and this is the reason we are here.

‘’when we have a feeling in our hearts, we are creating electrical and magnetic waves inside of our bodies that extend beyond our bodies into the world around us.‘’ Bruce Harold Lipton

Before going deeper into this topic, I would like you to do something special for yourself to celebrate this first courageous step that you have taken in opening up with a complete stranger and also by giving time to your feelings to express them on a piece of paper.

Time spent in self-reflection is never wasted -
It is an intimate date with yourself.

This is what your emotions were asking for, just a little bit of attention, a little bit of listening, and a little bit of empathy. They were screaming and asking you to take care of them.

They will become your best wise friends and best guidance. Remember the answer is always within us. Is never outside!

Others can advise us, tell us what we have to do, inspire us, hate us, criticize us, love us, support us, etc. but if we are not able to see and connect with the light that we have inside nothing will make us happy or make us feel complete. Now, go in front of a mirror take a deep breath, with a smile that comes from the hearth say out loud:

" Hi Viola, nice to meet me, from now I promise myself That I will spend all my energy, my positive and negative thoughts/emotions as guidance to improve myself and to get the best of myself regardless of what others think of me. Each one is free to think and judge, in the end, we are imperfect human beings. No one is perfect, all of us are here to learn. If we want to learn we must make mistakes, live, and feel the pain that comes with it. I promise myself, that I will use fear as a tool to push myself to get out of my comfort zone. Now, it is time for me to start the game, I do not have anything to lose, so let's start and let me have fun."

I always love to give to myself some easy examples to fully understand the concept.

Naima's story:

''I was a soul in someplace in the universe. One day I said to myself, It is time for me to get a university degree. So I prayed to God and told him my wish.

He said:'' no problem! I will send you to one of the best universities in the universe, which is called Earth, only some are ably to pass the exams so be aware that is not going to be easy. You must choose the field of your study, each subject has its characteristics and each characteristic will teach you something. The goal is to be able to overcome all these characteristics to reach LOVE. On Earth you will learn the art of taking control of your emotions, you need to be able to flex them every day even in front of resistance, you need to build muscle in weak emotions even in front of difficulties, you need to take care of them when you get injuries, you need to feed them even facing a hunger crisis and do not forget to give them some rest.''

I answered: ''sounds good!''

God said: ''Oh, I forgot, you won't remember anything. You will have a machine called heart to guide you. Listen carefully to each emotion, especially the one that human beings like to call negative emotion. These are the ones to give more attention. To some of you, we will give them depression, a strong tool to tell you that you are going in the wrong direction, and you won't find peace until you are able to find out your true purpose.

We will give you also a hint called fear, whenever you face it and you overcome e it you will be able to pass to the next level. When it is time we will come and take you back home."

Now, I would like to give you a piece of advice, to start loving yourself, of course, is not something that will happen in one day, but it requires time, effort, persistence, creativity, patient... Maybe you can write a wish list for example: (It is important that the behind the wish, whatever you are writing or you are doing it is only for yourself not for someone else. The focus is always on you not in others.)

  • I would like to have an athletic body: my intention is to push my limits, have a healthy body, have a good looking, etc...(always for yourself)

  • I would like to become more emphatic. I can start by listening to myself without judging and then I am will be ready to listen to others ...

  • II would like to become more confident: I can face my fear, I can read books about how to become more confident, etc.

Keep always in mind that the intention behind is the key, you are not competing with anyone anything, you are competing only with yourself.

You do not have to demonstrate anything to no one, only to yourself. By focusing on your self you will be able to start loving your self and you will see how your relationship with others will change.

During this process, some people even the ones who are close to you they may come against you; the key is always the intention, if you are doing something for yourself and you are not doing it with the purpose to hurt them is their problem, they have something in there inside that they have to deal with. We all love to control others and to change others when we can not do it for ourselves. It is easy to keep the focus outside than the inside.

''Be not angry that you cannot make

others as you wish them to be since you

cannot make yourself as you wish to be.''

(Thomas a Kempis)

My friend it is time for me to go, I hope to hear from you soon. I send you a lot of positive vibrations, blessings, and peace...

You are a unique and very special human being. Express yourself and miracles will happen around you.

Love you and talk to you soon!

Naima B

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